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Beginners Classes


The Royal Path Series Beginners requires no previous experience of Meditation.
The teaching is systematic and spread over 10 classes of 1 hr each. The course teaches deep relaxation, the  importance of the sitting position, working with breath, recognising the relationship between Mind and Breath, the meditative focal point for the mind, There will be discussions in developing concentration and the philosophy of Meditation.


By the end of this course, it is hoped that the student be able to sit and and enjoy their meditation practice for at least 20 minutes.


The Intermediate Classes


The Royal Path Series Intermediate classes requires some experience of Meditation and ideal for those who have completed the beginners classes. The Intermediate classes work on the foundation created in the beginners class and introduces the use of mantra, how to use a  mala,  pranayama techniques for Meditation, fire havan and the practice of Bhuta Shuddhi. By the end of the 10 classes the seeker’s experience of Meditation will become deeper. The se auxillary practices will further provide an anchor to the practice of Meditation.


Advanced Classes


The Royal Path series Advanced classes are suitable for those who have been meditating for a long time, those who have been initiated into a mantra practice or for those who have completed the intermediate classes.


These classes teach advanced Meditation and Pranayama practices, experiencing the subtle body, fire havan, working with mantras and their evolution through repetition. These classes will assist in the absorption into the practice for significant periods of time.





The Royal Path Series


The Royal Path Series consisits of 10 classes and are guided by sutra 2:29 of Patanjali's sutras. These classes provide the foundation for all other courses and events. There is a Beginners class, an Intermediate class and Advanced Classes


The course is generally taught at the Fold, in the Natural Therapy Centre, New House Farm, Bransford, Malvern WR6 5JB


Details of current and forthcoming courses and events are available in the news section of this site.  












Programmes and Events


From time to time Malvern Bhavan offers programmes and events which include


The Practice of Bhūta Shuddhi Meditation, Cleansing the Elements; Basic form and Sound  




Practices from Sandhyo Pāsanā, A Twilight Meditation imbibing GAYATRI MANTRA




Agnihotra Havan Practices from the Vedas




The Mahamrutunjaya Mantra




The Sutras of Patanjali in the context of Meditation




Pilgrimages to sacred sites of India and United Kingdom




āsana and Pranayāma practices for Meditation

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