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Malvern Bhavan teaches Meditation in the living tradition of the Himalayan Masters

The tradition is non-religious and teaches at its most fundamental we are already divine, we just need to learn to be human.  The tradition dates back many thousands of years and through trial and error insights have been passed from teacher to student on the practice and techniques of Meditation and the resultant blossoming mind.


The Bhavan offers a range of courses on Meditation from classes for beginners to Meditation programmes for advanced students. Downloads are available of events and teachings. The teaching is simple, systematic and practical.


The Bhavan also supports community, environmental and humanitarian projects as part of its enlightenened living ethos. It organises events and participates with other people and organisations sharing these aspirations.. 


Going beyond the tendancies of the mind and learning to abide in that which remains is the gift of Meditation.  It is a source of incredible strength, joy and provides illumination to life. Illumination brings light and removes the darkness of fear and self doubt.




Welcome to Malvern Bhavan, Illuminate the Mind and shine.



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