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Malvern Bhavan to help the Chi Chicheery Foundation; alleviating suffering in Sierra Leone caused by

I made contact with Chi Chi Cheery foundation, a charity working in Sierra Leone, through a friend who is working in Sierra Leone. I wanted to provide whatever assistance I could to help alleviate the suffering caused by Ebola in the region. The charity sent me the following email, I have omitted the pirctures that it also sent within the text although the pictures appear on this blog and in the enlightened living tab.

"My name is chi-chicherry cherry keister and i am the founder of Chi-chicheery Foundation. it was called Angels of the Poor at first but the Director of Education advised me to changed it to my name because of some reasons.

we have done a lot of work and we have contributed a lot to fight against ebola but our major weakness is to write a good report.

Chris told me about the posters and i am so happy and greatful . words can’t tell how much that means to the Charity and the people in our community . i am sending some pictures of what we have been doing.

some of these kids their parents are dead or in a quarantine home. we have more than 200 pictures of kids who we are helping .

these are some of our children in the quarantine home and after spending 2 months there then they will be put into an Intrim care homes. we partnered with the Minstry of social welfare gender and children’s affairs and child fund.

this little boy is an orphan. he is the only survivor of a family of 8. the baby walker was given to us by a white lady called Dr sue. she is a lecturer a the University of Makeni, Sierra leone.

this little girl and the grandmother are the only survivor in their family

we make beds out of cartoons for the young babies

these kids are the only survivor in the family

we partnered with the Ministry of social welfare gender and children’s affairs and we contributed clothes and food and we supplied to different communities

this baby’s parents are dead

her and her father are the only survivor in their family she lost her parents and siblings . now she helps her aunt to cook and sell food and clean all the dishes and pots.

they are the only survivors in their family

the grandfather and this child are the only survivor in their family

supplying used clothing"

Malvern Bhavan has joined hands with the Chi Cheery foundation to commence a poster campaign to edcuate about Ebola in the region Chi Chi Cheery operates. If you wish to help, please contact us.


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