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The "algorithm" for Samadhi 1. Rajesh Rai facilitating a retreat at Poulstone Retreat Cent

Samadhi sometimes appears to be only available to those who are born with greatness and who have been meditating, not just for one lifetime, but many lifetimes. In fact all the stories make it seem that Samadhi is inaccessible to the ordinary. Patanjali's sutras teaches us that Samadhi is available to all. Our inherant nature is luminosity, joy and bliss. Knowing it requires practice, understanding and grace using our mostr amazing asset - our Minds. The mind is the cause of bondage and liberation. The "Algorithm for Samadhi" explores the nature of Mind, the fundamental teaching of Patanjali's "Samadhi Pada and uses life to help turn the wheel of life so that Buddhi, Manas, Ahamkara and Chitta align so that meditation is not confined to a process that occurs whilst sitting in silence but uses life to also explore and examine the working of the Mind.


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