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Memories of "The Healing Art of Meditation" by Rolf Sovik at Poulstone Court Retreat Centr

Wow, what a magical weekend at Poulstone Court Retreat Centre with Rolf Sovik, President of the Himalayan Institute, leading on the Healing Art of Meditation. Yoga Asana, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and discussions on the Nexus between Meditation and healing. Rolf shared the depth of his wisdom on the nature of breath (he has a doctorate on breath and the nervous system!), its role in meditative practice and how it is used to enter realm of Prana and the pure essence of Mind; to the heart of pure consciousness. I have often wondered what it means to be healthy and i keep coming back to the idea - when mind, body and breath are aligned. This is just part of the journey, as at this stage a door is opened and then you realise their is no real difference between healing and the door that meditation opens.

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