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Meditate for Unity Akhanda Japa 2016

Divya and I have been reflecting a lot about the fast changing world and if there is anything we can do about it. Well we came up with this idea "meditate for unity". It is an Akhanda japa, where as a group there is continuous meditation for a certain period of time. We have chosen a week, 25th - 31st July 2016 (i know very short notice!) where an individual will choose a slot in that week to meditate as part of the group practice. The slots are 30 mins each.

The intention is to remind oneself of one's inner sanctuary and also of unity between us all. There is a collective consciousness at work, healing both at the individual and at a macro level. If you wish to hold hands and participate, i have attached a flyer and also a timetable. Just let us know of your slot. You can decide only to do one slot or, you may wish to do a whole week at the same time etc, as always, please remain within you capacity. This is also a great way of invigorating your practice.

If you know anyone who may wish to participate, please share this email.

If you have any questions please email or ring (07766754006). I will only be too delighted to respond.

Meditating for Unity Akhanda Japa 2016

with all our love

Divya & Rajesh

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