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Meditate for Unity Akhanda Meditation 2016

Dear Friends,

It was only a week ago Divya and I decided on undertaking an Akandha Japa, an unbroken chain of meditation practice for Unity, and to inspire others to join hands with us. We discussed at length how long we should undertake this practice - a weekend or seven days. Having only one week to prepare, to inspire enough volunteers to cover a seven day period, to administrate the whole exercise whilst attending to our day to day duties was a very big ask as opposed to just undertaking a continuous practice for the weekend. In true style, we opted for the more ambitious seven days.

Well it is the night before we start the Practice. We have thus far over 40 people volunteering their time and committing to this collective experience of an unbroken meditation practice for Unity (save for the night time hours). I will be covering all unallocated slots but as I write this, more people have just volunteered their time.

We thank you all.

We will be starting at 5:30am and ending 11pm each day. That is seventeen and a half hours of meditation each day, one hundred and 22 hrs of continuous practice over a seven day period and in three time zones with an intention that we are all reminded of an internal world unaffected by the world of change, a world of pure bliss and joy, that there is Unity beyond the world of the senses and the acquired tendencies of the mind.

We hope this collective experience will inspire each other to experience our own personal space and also the space of Unity that we all share. We are living in a very fast moving world, sometimes, it is very difficult to make sense of it. It is easier to make sense of ourselves and how we fit In this world.

I will light a ghee lamp starting on the morning of the 25th July at 5:30 am and will maintain this continuously until the end of the collective practice at 11pm, 31st July. It will be great for us all to imagine this flame for a few moments before we start.

I wish you all well.

Let's illuminate our world with love peace and happiness

Raj & Divya xxx

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