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Akhanda Meditate for Unity 17 Update 17 07 17


24 JULY – 30 JULY

Less than 7days to go before we begin Meditate for Unity 2017.

I am pleased to say that between all of you, we have the Unity calendar pretty much covered. As they say in the US, “good job”.

We have meditators from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and America (both North and South) participating in this Akhanda practice. That’s every continent covered and for all the diversity and vastness of the world we live in, you realise how small the world really is when people join hands like this for ideas such as unity. This is the world I wish to embrace.

The latest Unity calendar is attached. Initials have been inserted into the time slots you have agreed to undertake. If the information is incorrect, please let me know. Again, if you cannot keep to your time slots, please let me know as soon as possible so that we can get our reserves on the case. My number is 07766754006 and email

Sitting down for prolonged periods to meditate requires a lot of exercising, so my preparation has included going to the gym and exercising, in particular, my legs and strengthening my lower back and of course, Asana. I have planned my Unity week so that I eat and sleep at convenient times and try not to take on too much. Its my week to immerse myself in practice. I hope you too, have a great immersive experience.

In Unity

Rajesh x 17 07 2017

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